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Antibiotic Resistance Awareness

November 13, 2017 marks the first day of 2017’s National and World Antibiotics Awareness week. Antibiotic Resistance (AR) is a global crisis. It occurs when bacteria don’t respond to the drugs designed to kill them. This can lead to difficulty treating even the simplest of bacterial infections. AR illnesses are estimated to kill more people than cancer WORLDWIDE by the year 2050! Each year in the US, 2 million people are affected by AR & 23,000 people die from AR related illnesses. Increased rates of AR are related to overuse & misuse of antibiotics, from inappropriate prescriptions of antibiotics in the healthcare setting (including vets) to overuse of antibiotics in livestock & fish farming. It’s even worse in places where antibiotics can be bought without a prescription! THIS ISSUE CAN BE RESOLVED WITH THE PARTICIPATION OF THE PUBLIC & HEALTHCARE PROVIDERS!

What you can do to help

The number one thing that we can all do to help this situation are TO STOP THE MISUSE OF ANTIBIOTICS! – Don’t take antibiotics when they are not indicated by a healthcare provider! – THE COMMON COLD IS CAUSED BY A VIRUS & DOES NOT REQUIRE ANTIBIOTICS! Healthcare providers should not be reflexively/inappropriately prescribing antibiotics for a viral URI and patients education about the inappropriate use of antibiotics in the cold & flu is paramount. – Stop using antibiotics to stimulate growth of livestock and fish – Develop new ways to combat bacterial infections

Resources about Antibiotic Resistance

World Health Organization World Antibiotic Awareness Week Campaign

CDC National Antibiotic Awareness Week Campaign

Healthcare Provider “Be Antibiotics Aware” Campaign Toolkit

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