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All Years’ Resolutions

What are your New Year’s Resolutions? The Top 10 New Years Resolutions for 2015 (Updated for 2015) revolved around, yes, you guessed it: health and happiness! During many of my patient encounters, I go over the same things about healthy diet, quitting smoking, starting an exercise regimen, etc. I hear many excuses, but for some reason, it’s […]

You are Worthy of Being Healthy

How often do we all face “obstacles” in our lives that we would like to overcome, but feel some resistance to them? For example, if we are dealing with being overweight, we likely know that we would benefit from a healthy diet and exercise. It’s obvious that taking care of ourselves would eliminate many of […]

Celebrate Thanksgiving Everyday

Yes, Thanksgiving was 11 days ago, and, no, I’m not talking about the feasting. I’m talking about gratitude. How often are we focusing on our blessings instead of our problems? If we stand back and look at our lives and take everything into consideration, I think we would be able to see that there are […]

The Magic Pill

Can I get a side of pills with that? According to the CDC, 48.5% of Americans have taken at least one prescription drug in the past 30 days. 21.7% report taking three or more prescription drugs. Why is it then that chronic diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure continue to increase in our […]

Dr. Aunna Pourang. Sunrise Meditation. Jacksonville Beach, FL.

What do you Really Want in Life?

If we sit down and think about this, many different things will pop into our minds. Some people may say money, some may say health, some may say a happy relationship, and most people probably want all of the above and then some. But if we examine each thing and ask why we want it, […]

Greetings World. Welcome to my Blog.

After seeing countless cases of chronic disease and depression, that weren’t improving despite the excellent medications and advanced procedures available in medicine today, it dawned on me: Doctors can do amazing things, but in the end, we are just professionally trained to put sophisticated bandaids on people. Those bandaids won’t help someone heal unless the […]

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