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Dr. Aunna Pourang, MD“No one is destined for greatness. Everyone is just destined to express the greatness that already exists within.” 

– Aunna Pourang, MD 

Schedule a consultation with holistic health and mindfulness expert, Dr. Aunna Pourang, and transform your health today!

Are you struggling with maintaining a healthy weight?

Do you deal with chronic pain, anxiety, fatigue, and/or depression, and the endless amount of pills and doctors visits aren’t helping?

Do you ever find yourself asking, “Who am I?” “What is my life purpose?” or “Why can’t I seem to find happiness?”

You are not alone

I, like many others, struggled with almost all of these same issues. I was overweight, and chronically stressed and unhappy. Life brought me the chance to “wake up,” and since then things have never been the same. I have found inner peace, health, energy and happiness, and you can too!

Awaken to Health and Happiness

Diseases are a blessing in disguise, in that they give us an opportunity to heal many aspects of our lives. What many people do not realize is that they already have within them, everything they need to heal their bodies, and live a fulfilling life. This inner wisdom unfortunately becomes clouded by a lifetime of negative thoughts, emotions and experiences.

“We often forget that WE ARE NOT JUST A BODY. WE ARE NOT ROBOTS. We also have families, relationships, thoughts, and feelings. We go to work, eat and sleep too. A pill is a ‘one size fits all’ band-aid placed on an external symptom without addressing all of the underlying issues that contribute.” Aunna Pourang, MD

Becoming conscious of the obstacles we create allows us to heal. Until the root cause of disease is discovered (emotional issues, unhealthy diet, etc) healing is not possible. This is why despite all the incredible medical technology and pharmaceuticals available, people are still unhealthy. Once the root causes that block our innate healing abilities are addressed, everything on the outside, from health, relationships and happiness falls into place. 

Holistic Health


During a Wellness Coaching Session

  • All aspects of your life are reviewed from physical health to emotional well-being. 
  • We address your health and wellness concerns. Common concerns include:

– Anxiety
– Weight Loss
– Fatigue
– Stress
– Difficulty focusing
– Chronic Pain
– Insomnia
– Addiction

  • Together we identify the root cause of the issues and the unconscious obstacles that prevent you from fulfilling your potential for health, happiness and abundance. Common obstacles include:

– Negative thought patterns and speech
– Fear

– Destructive habits

  • Together we develop solutions and help you get in touch with your own inner wisdom.
  • I teach you about the mind-body connection, healthy habits and meditation

***All clients receive a copy of my book***  


Single Session Consultation

Initial session (1.5 hours)
– We address 1-2 concerns over the phone or via Skype with a follow up email listing key take-home points from our conversation.

Follow up session (1 hour)
– An option for established clients. Multiple sessions can be purchased at a discounted rate.

30 Day Transformation

– Customized program to address all aspects of your life from physical health to emotional well-being. Can be customized to a weight loss program. Includes:
– 4 one hour phone sessions, 1 per week

– Daily email check-in
– Nutrition and exercise recommendations for those interested in weight loss

For more information or to schedule your sessions, please contact Dr. Aunna at [email protected] or here

Meditate don't Medicate

Interested in healing your own life? Check out my book, Meditate don’t Medicate: A 14 Day Journey of Letting Go and Finding Yourself, which can help you start the process.

Why choose Dr. Aunna as your holistic health and wellness coach?

After achieving my life-long dream of becoming a physician, I quickly realized that our healthcare system was broken. I didn’t feel I was able to make a significant difference in someone’s life in a 10 minute office visit prescribing pills that only seemed to make things worse. After spending more time with individuals and peeling back many layers of their lives, I started to find that their symptoms and diseases had deeper roots than what appeared on the surface.

Often, there are deep emotional and spiritual components related to physical complaints. After identifying the root cause of someone’s issues, I am able to help guide them toward solutions with long lasting effects, that not only improve physical health but all aspects of their lives. I often intuitively know the root cause of someone’s issues just after talking to them for a few minutes. Using what I know from my medical background, experience with several thousands of patients, and my own healing journey, I have been able to help many people positively transform their lives.

As a physician I know many things about the human body, but at the end of the day the word doctor means “teacher.”  YOU are your own best healer. It is my passion to help you on your  journey, because once we heal our own lives, can we then heal the world.

 With Much Love and Light,
Aunna Pourang, MD

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