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Happy National Doctors Day!

What a wonderful day to celebrate! National Doctors’ Day was first observed in 1933 when general anesthesia was used during surgery for the first time & was officially made a national day of celebration in 1991 (Public Law 101-473.)

Check out my blog post on KevinMD from 2014 for more fun facts about doctors:

Doctor’s Today: Young, Broke and Human 

and don’t forget to show your favorite doctors some love on this special day!


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Are you frustrated with your doctor?

Doctors and the Healthcare System

Many people are frustrated with the healthcare system and rightfully so. The doctor may not always be to blame however. Many people tell me how they have had doctors who don’t have time to listen or “do anything” for them. Like with anything in life, there are different levels of professionalism, however, there are also many things that go on behind the scenes of medicine that you may not know. Read more at my article on Before visiting the doctor, consider these 5 things you may not know.

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