You are Worthy of Being Healthy

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We Hold the Key

We Hold the Key

How often do we all face “obstacles” in our lives that we would like to overcome, but feel some resistance to them? For example, if we are dealing with being overweight, we likely know that we would benefit from a healthy diet and exercise. It’s obvious that taking care of ourselves would eliminate many of our health issues. So then why do we sometimes find ourselves not doing just this? I’ve heard many excuses from people, such as “I’m too tired after work to exercise,” or “I just can’t.”

Why is it that we are so much more willing to take care of others? I personally think it is because of the deep love we have for the ones we care about. Well, what about the love for ourselves? I am not talking about a vain, egotistical type of love, but a true appreciation for ourselves and our well-being.

What is holding us back from taking care of ourselves? When I ask this question to people, the response is often, “I don’t know.” If you are facing health challenges, consider reflecting upon that question. Could it be that you have a deep- seated subconscious belief that you are not worthy of good things in your life, such as optimal health and wellness? I think if you truly appreciated yourself, you would make time for a 15 minute walk even when you are a little tired. Just like you would make the time to take your child to a sports practice or to meet up with a friend.

I also encourage you to take the time to change your perspective. Think of all the time you have spent thinking, “I can’t,” and look at what has happened: you couldn’t… because you didn’t. Have you ever thought, “I can!” or “I’m worthy of being healthy and feeling good about myself.” Have you ever thought that the “obstacles” may actually be opportunities to grow?

Just as you are so willing to be selfless for others, doing things that benefit your life will keep you around longer to enjoy time with the ones you love. Give it a try, you are worthy.

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